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Where we learn and live Christ’s peace together.

Following Jesus isn’t a solo activity. We need each other!

A group is a regular gathering of three or more people living UP to God, IN a family of believers, and OUT to a hurting world, while growing as disciples.

Grow in your relationship UP to God

We meet people where they are on life’s journey, a journey that is best traveled with Jesus. Learn what it looks like to seek to know and follow Jesus and be more like him. Grow in your relationship UP to God through prayer, the Bible, or hearing what God is saying to you and then doing something about it.   

Be a friend IN a family of believers

We are wired by our Creator for deep, loving relationships. In groups we develop genuine friendships and care for each other. We learn to put into practice the “one another’s” in the Bible: to honor one another; be kind and compassionate to one another; accept one another; teach and admonish one another; forgive one another; carry each other’s burdens; to be humble, gentle and patient bearing with one another in love; to encourage one another and build each other up; to spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

Bring hope and healing OUT to a hurting world

Jesus calls us to die to ourselves in order to serve others. He brought hope and healing to people as he was going through his daily life, and we are called to do the same today. By building intentional relationships with people where we live, work, and play, we can be Jesus’ hands and feet to serve others or simply be a listening ear in the midst of life’s ups and downs. Jesus came to redeem and restore all things. We look to have Jesus use us in our everyday lives to do the same today.        


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Coming Soon!

These groups will share life together and seek to share Christ’s peace in a specific neighborhood or network of relationships.

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These small groups share life together, have a designated leader(s), meet two or more times per month, and practice Prayer, Evangelism, Apprenticing, Christ-Study, and Encouragement.


Participants in these groups are invited in and directed by a leader for approximately 18 months to learn what it means to be a disciple and how to disciple others. Huddle participants may begin their own huddles after their training, multiplying huddles over time. Contact Diana for more information.


We believe there are no lone rangers in ministry, so we provide quality training and mentoring for the care and development of all our group leaders. Contact Diana for more information.

Find Out More

Not sure which group is for you? Want to start a group? Email Diana, Director of Adult Ministry.