Are you hurting? Experiencing significant life challenges? You are not alone! Help is here!

God put us together as a church family to support one another in love.  When we reach hard spots in life, God wants to shower us with His mercy and love. He does this through the people around us. 

In this spirit, we offer Christian care to our friends and families. Prince of Peace pastors and lay volunteers, known as the POPCare team, are honored to serve you in times of distress.
Confidential and caring support is tailored to your particular need. 

The POPCare team is equipped to serve many needs ranging from minor hospitalization to loss of a loved one or other significant loss. But remember, we can only respond if we hear from you.

Those receiving care are serving Christ by receiving the gift and giving the opportunity for POP care givers to use the gifts and passion God’s has given them to provide care.

Please call the church office at 847-359-3451 to discuss your situation.
If you have an urgent need for care outside of church office hours, please call this number and follow the instructions to leave a message. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

For more information about POPCare contact Dave, Director of Care.

For non-urgent needs, please expect a response within 24 hours.