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Where we receive and celebrate Christ’s peace.

Why Worship?

When you hear that somebody’s giving away FREE stuff, you jump, don’t you?

When you worship at Prince of Peace, you come together as a community under the cross to receive God’s FREELY given gifts.

What gifts?
God’s love and forgiveness. A new life. Renewed power and purpose, and peace.

We are washed with the waters of baptism. We’re reminded that we’re dearly loved children of God. We taste and see forgiveness in communion, the Lord’s Supper. We hear God’s Word spoken through the readings, and we’re challenged through the sermon to live more like Jesus and share Christ’s peace. All of this is cause for celebration! We celebrate Christ’s peace by singing and responding to God through offerings and prayers. Communion is celebrated on the first, third, and fifth weekends of each month. Baptism is offered on second and fourth weekends.

Music is an important part of Worship at Prince of Peace. All of our weekend services are identical, but the musical style and format varies from weekend to weekend. One week, you’ll celebrate with the praise band, while another week you’ll sing along with the organ and choir.


We do this for several reasons:

  • It keeps our worship fresh and vibrant.

  • It helps foster unity in the church.

  • It challenges all of us to realize that there is more than one “right” way to worship.

  • It keeps the focus of our worship on Christ and not on our personal preferences.

Worship as a Community.
Receive Christ’s peace and celebrate it.
Leave worship inspired to share Christ’s peace in your everyday life.

All are welcome!