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Where we share Christ’s peace
with others.

Why do we serve?


Each one of us has unique gifts and passions and a desire to make a difference in the world. By serving on a team, you get to explore and exercise your gifts while meeting the needs of others and making a real difference.

It's also a great environment to meet other people and develop community within and outside of Prince of Peace.

Questions? Contact Susan, Director of Outreach.

Not sure where to serve? Here are some tools to help you.

Your Spiritual Gifts

In 1 Peter 4:10, we are told that God has given each of us special gifts and calls us to use them to serve one another. To find out what gifts God has given you, please take the Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment below.

Your Passions and Experience

God also gave us specific passions and talents, and He has grown us through specific life experiences. Take the Passions & Experience survey to think about how you can use your passions and experience to serve others. 


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POP Serving Teams

Consider where your passions and gifts best fit and then try out a serving team!

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve...
— Mark 10:45


Do you enjoy helping “behind the scenes?" The administrative teams take care of many details to support all ministries.


POPCare and Prayer

Do you like providing comfort and care to others? We strive to be a warm, caring community and live that out in many ways.


Community Outreach

Teams that serve other organizations and members of our local community.


Worship and Music

Serving teams that are related to our worship and musical activities.



Be a guide for our youth in 6th-12th grade.



These serving teams work together to bring God’s Word to kids and families. Some teams provide administrative support, and others serve directly with kids on Sunday mornings and at special events.

I get to learn what my daughter is learning when I volunteer in her class.
— a volunteer in POPKids children's ministry


These serving teams keep our campus running smoothly.



Teams that provide hospitality for activities that occur in conjunction with worship.

POPTeens High School collected items for Palatine Township’s Thanksgiving Basket drive in 2018.

POPTeens High School collected items for Palatine Township’s Thanksgiving Basket drive in 2018.

Questions? Contact Susan, Director of Outreach.