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3x50 Campaign

In Spring 2018, the leaders of Prince of Peace affirmed a new vision for the church: We will ignite spiritual transformation while addressing critical social needs in our community through our 3x50 campaign!

Looking toward POP’s upcoming 50th anniversary celebration in 2021, three big goals were named:

1) Grow to 50 active groups. Pursue a revival of relational discipleship by growing to 50 adult groups that meet regularly by our 50th year!

2) Give 50,000 hours of service. Put others first by giving 50,000 hours of service in our community to bring restoration and build relationships, both inside and outside the church.

3) Invest $500,000 in our community. Invest with courage up to $500,000 in our community, amplifying POP’s financial support by partnering with local service agencies.